A second wave of Coronavirus approaches Brazil and has already arrived in other countries

A year ago, what was called an endemic in China began between November and December 2019, with the contamination of some people by Coronavirus, which at a given moment was diagnosed with transmission through food consumed in China.

The year 2020 has arrived and with it the pandemic of COVID-19. The devastation was worldwide on all continents, countries and cities, a number of deaths never seen or speculated. A year marked by cures and deaths and that unfortunately seems to be far from over.

There is hope that vaccines against the virus start to take effect immediately, some have already started to be applied to people, in London for example. The world is hoping that vaccines produced by some laboratories in different countries, come to be made available to nations and reach the population.

But while that doesn’t happen at all, what is called the second wave of COVID-19 has started. In Europe, there is already a considerable increase in people infected and in Brazil it will be no different.

The journalists of Grupo A Hora, Fabricio Magalhães and Paula Tooths, through the investigative journalism, had the opportunity to visit some private hospitals during night shifts and interviewed patients who were infected and even with high coverage health plans, spent exorbitant amounts.

“I spent a Friday night in one of the shifts of a hospital known as a reference, and what I saw was not good “, narrates the journalist Fabricio Magalhães.

The journalist said that when nurses from the mobile rescue unit they opened the back door to remove a patient who was on a stretcher, the emergency team narrated the symptoms. Quickly, the responsible doctor stated, even without exams, that it was COVID-19, and that he would not accept the patient, who had a health plan of which the hospital was part of. coverage emergency and would not accept since the hospital was loaded with infected people. After many phone calls, the same doctor authorized the patient’s hospitalization.

Journalist Paula Tooths talked to a person who had Coronavirus 60 days ago and managed to get recover. For the sake of preserving this person’s identity, we will call him Pedro.

Pedro stated that as soon as he felt symptoms, tried to isolate himself at home, but the difficulty in breathing started to become more intense, so he was taken to a private hospital, which his health insurance covered any emergency situation. Once there, Pedro was taken for screening and was hospitalized for suspecting COVID-19.

“They took me to a room where they had two more people with suspected Coronavirus, I was more scared and said that my plan covered the apartment. I was informed that in this case not, but that if I wanted to pay for an apartment at the hospital, they would provide it. the transaction and I had to hire two more nurses, one to stay with me during the night and the other during the day. At the end of it, I spent R $ 20,000,000, including physiotherapist that I had to negotiate too “, said Pedro.

What draws attention, according to the journalist Fabricio Magalhães, is that people are not taking the Coronavirus seriously – “thousands of people were infected in Brazil, thousands more died, and many people continue to insist on not taking the preventive measures that would be simple as using mask, use of gel alcohol and not crowding“, stated the journalist.

Paula Tooths, journalist covering pandemic since the beginning, he concludes – “it is very sad what has been happening in the world, mostly caused by this virus. And the saddest thing is to see up close people contaminating and contaminating others through carelessness or negligence”.

By the end of this matter, 74 million people had been infected and of these, almost 1.7 million did not survive.


Fonte: https://www.time24.news/2020/12/a-second-wave-of-coronavirus-approaches-brazil-and-has-already-arrived-in-other-countries.html