Journalism – The Crown Awards 2020

Wow…. what a year…. what a journey….

It’s a quick note only….a thankful and fearless short message.

A massive thanks to the ones who considered adding my work and to every single vote I have received.

It was like a dream to see my name in between big names of journalism.

I am on this path for over two decades and still writing every single piece with passion and love.

2020, full of up and downs… but… here I am….

Finalist to 3 categories this year.

Category Photojournalism with the evening photography “Rebento”;

Category Series with “Covid Updates”;

Category Documentary with “Brexit – the journey” (with Phillip Brown).

Gratitude, folks!

And I like to remember each and all of you – without your audience, without your support and without your daily attention, it would never be possible.

Fingers crossed!!