With sold out tickets, News Agency plans second round of virtual courses

Paula Tooths and Fabricio Magalhães prepared the first round.

The work is intense and the competition is high. The journalist who wants to stand out in the market has to show that, in addition to talent, he has a good view of the market, anticipates trends and manages to be creative in the most diverse scenarios, is what the career guides point out.

The course LAB | PRESS! 2020, a program developed in partnership with IUOJ (International Union of Journalists), was one of the novelties of Grupo A Hora – News and Content Agency, which turns 40 this year.

There were 300 recently selected candidates, among them, journalists and communicologists (with a degree in journalism) recently graduated, who did not have the opportunity to exercise their profession in the field. The students were reorganized into six classes to immerse themselves in the production of reports.

The initiative was coordinated by veteran journalists Fabricio Magalhães and Paula Tooths. The course had a workload of 40 hours.

Participants had classes with professionals from the Brazilian market, lectures given by guests from other media, as well as workshops with journalists working in the United States and Europe.

“The students had the opportunity to get to know the production process of Jornal A Hora, Pier Magazine magazine with simultaneous circulation in Brazil, Miami and London, and other products of the group”, says the journalist Fabricio Magalhães, CEO of the Group .

The next stage of the course is scheduled for the second half of 2020 and enrollment should start at the end of July.

“With the success of the project, the demand has quadrupled. The course will have changes to benefit the candidates and better prepare them for the job market. The selection process will also have changes”, adds journalist Paula Tooths.

Fabricio Magalhães explains that among the basic apprenticeships that are taught in the academy, the course indicates the best way to elaborate a text as a simple note that needs to be sent in minutes to a radio, TV station or even the writing of print and online, in addition to more complex topics such as better planning of production and dissemination, there are simulation of guidelines that must be produced in a minimum time for the closing of a print edition, and with a minimum and maximum number of words. Other points guide the best way to negotiate an interview and also underlines the importance of being well informed and investing in knowledge.

New modules will be added to cover events and digital media. But Grupo A Hora promises not to stop. Still in partnership with IUOJ (International Union of Journalists), the “Journalism Award 20” has been established and the winner will win a position in the writing of one of the portals.

“It is necessary to understand how a great newsroom works, whether it be in a printed newspaper or an online portal, and today, the great communication vehicles work with various tools in addition to always improving themselves. It is necessary to be prepared to be well placed in a market that is highly competitive “, reports Paula Tooths.

For the second round of the course, candidates must write a text with a minimum of 800 and a maximum of 1000 words and the subject will be about political changes in the contemporary world in relation to social isolation with the Coronavirus pandemic, however, the title still has not been revealed.

In addition to filling in the forms with the basic data, each candidate must also include proof of course completion at the time of registration.

The new stage will also have the support of private investors looking for well-prepared professionals in the area of ​​communication and the possibility of a connection with human resources professionals and vacancies available at Grupo A Hora and other partner vehicles.

Published on EXPLICA on May/05/2020